READ "A RAW HUMMINGBIRD" - The book that Inspired the creation of J2SYL

"a raw hummingbird speaks frankly, yet artistically, on a wide variety of emotionally sensitive and evocative subjects. Its unique style, both visually and linguistically, provides fertile ground for readers in their own self-exploration, while also expanding the literary genre for literary critics and academics."


a raw hummingbird centers on the first relationship Holly Claire Werstein had with a woman, a peer in her high school at the time, named Sage. In the intimate sharing of their personal letters, instant messages, and conversations, the two girls explore the existential questions that classically engage us throughout our lives.

In addition to exploring orientation, spirituality, delinquency, addiction, mental health, and mental illness, a raw hummingbird was Werstein's first significant step towards healing her history of sexual violence. Writing has quite literally saved her life -- which is why after publishing a raw hummingbird, Werstein went on to found Journal To Save Your Life. Her desire with J2SYL is to bring the power of writing and personal reflection to girls and women in a mental health format. Now that J2SYL is thriving, Werstein will be publishing books II and III in her series in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Purchase your copy of the first book in her series (NOTE: She published ARH under a pseudonym, but now she goes by her birth name, Holly):

a raw hummingbird

on for $12.21.


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