Is this Child's Behavior ADHD or Trauma Related?

Many of you appreciated that I shared this article with you, yesterday: ADHD versus Trauma.

I'm glad to connect to the sensitivity in you that can see the importance of this distinction.

In my previous practice as a psychiatric nurse at an inpatient facility in Austin, Texas, this distinction between ADHD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was as clear as a bell. The former can benefit from medications ("Start low, go slow" is the prescriptive maxim, however). The later, especially severe post traumatic stress disorder, can look EXACTLY like ADHD - poor attention span, distractibility, labile emotions, disassociation from whomever is speaking to them at times, little resilience, and poor goal-directed behavior skills.

All of these symptoms make sense if the world is as dangerous as you know it to be.

If you have been physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually abused - by a loved one especially - your mind map of the world is so fraught with danger that you do one of two things: Shut Down, or Turn Up.