A Short Meditation for Stabilizing Emotions

Stable. To be grounded is to be balanced. To be grounded helps you act in sensible ways that consider the nuances of every situation. Being grounded allows you to stay in the now, to discern your truth from someone else's, to respond rather than react. 

When you feel your energy getting scattered, when you're getting emotional and overwhelmed, it’s time to ground down. 



So how do we do it? 

First things first: slow down, stop talking. 

Beyond that, getting grounded is all mental.

Here's an exercise to help you experience it.  Take 10 minutes and try this meditation every time you find yourself anxious about the future or confused about the past.

Remember, you don't need to understand every variable of a situation to forgive and let go of the emotional impact. You can start by opening to the peace in the present moment.  

Let's get started. 

  1. Sit in a chair, barefoot, with your feet touching the floor. Let your spine get straight. Get comfortable. Close your eyes.

  2. Bring your attention to your breath. No need to change your breathing in any way. Just become aware of it. Feel the air traveling down your nose and into your chest. Feel the muscles in your rib cage working as you draw in the air. Feel them relax as you let the air out.

  3. As you relax, your breathing becomes deeper, effortlessly. Let any concerns and all the activities on your to-do list slip away, as you enjoy the rhythm of your breath.

  4. Feel the parts of your body that are heavier and those that are lighter. Breathe into the place where your body meets the chair. Feel the weight of your seat anchor you to the stillness of physical matter.

  5. Let your connection to the floor deepen, as if a part of yourself extends below you - into the earth, into the soil. Imagine roots growing from the base of your spine into the ground like a tree. You are supported. You are solid. Imagine all your emotions getting absorbed into the earth, as you let go of them like leaves falling from your branches.

A plant can only grow as tall as its root system is long. People are like plants. It is difficult for us to extend ourselves outward without having a strong foundation so we withstand the stress of our interactions.

It may seem like being alone, still, and quiet is uncomfortable and impossible at first. However, with practice, you may find that you love being in the mental space where your thoughts can settle. Here is where you reset yourself. Being grounded is the first step on your path to freedom. 

words by Alison Sher


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