Life as a Healing Mirror

Once you commit to life - that means not killing yourself, not hurting yourself intentionally because you believe you are designed to suffer - you can open to the possibility that you are here to heal. You can learn to look at pain as your portal to a brighter future. 

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5 Defense Mechanisms Created By Trauma

Trauma. Trauma. Trauma. Trauma. Trauma. Drama. This word can affect your life in so many ways with you knowing. Because that’s one of the ways trauma presents itself. It hides. It will do anything to stay alive. It will control your life in mysterious and destructive ways.


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When Is It Safe to Tell My Story?

Learning when it's safe to tell your story is one of the most difficult challenges you may face on your way to becoming well-functioning in this world. We all need social affirmation. We need others to recognize what we've been through.  We need others to help steer us toward resolution to all the conflicts life can present. 

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How to Believe in Therapy After Being Failed by the System

When shrinks get burned out, patients get burned. There’s a dog eat dog business to this whole therapy thing. The science behind it all is still somewhat new. 

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Turning Enemies into Noble Friends

Mhmm. Yes. You know them. The people who humiliate you. The ones who make you question your ability to make it in the world. They are the conquerers, the numb and the power-hungry, and they are out there.  

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Journaling Can Save Your Life

“There is also a natural and very, very strong empathy with the underdog, with people who have suffered, people who have been pushed around by foreigners in particular, but also by their own people.” ~ Lakhdar Brahimi

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J2SYL = Semifinalists in Dell's Empowering Women Competition!


Journal To Save Your Life was chosen from 600+ projects all over the world to be a semifinalist in Dell’s Empowering Women Competition. Wow! Love it!!! J2SYL was one of 58 to be successfully entered as a semifinalist, so in the top 10% internationally.

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Making Sense of the Death of Robin Williams

The passing of Robin Williams sends shivers down the spine and a somber fog into the lives of his millions of fans. Fans who felt like some of their fondest memories of laughing, crying, and being truly entertained, were supplied by the comedian/actor. 

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