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Those people and things in this world that tell you you're not good enough? WHATEVER. Don't listen. Journal To Save Your Life believes that everyone is lovable, completely. LOVE LETTERS are all about self love.

Are you ready to shed the labels of normal and sane? There is no need to pathologize your pain. Trauma is a reasonable response to terror. Take away the shame.

In this bonus activity, a J2 MEMBER is encouraged to write a love letter to her- or himself when s/he's feeling bright, to go back and read when s/he's feeling dim. 

Unconditionally love yourself tender. Remind yourself of times you've felt good with a J2Love Letter. You will begin, once again, to feel better. 



You're going to get strong. You are going to learn. You are going to start to understand and protect yourself from the f-ed up sh*t that goes down in this world. You are going to start filling your life with people and places and activities that feel good. You are going to want to give back, to be of service to this world.

For the first nine months, we will offer you gifts.  We want to serve you in this way.

The final quarter of the J2 year, we not only offer monthly gifts to you, but we give you all kinds of options as to where you can become a gift to others, e.g. to volunteer your incredible uniqueness in your spare time. You may have a cause that you feel especially drawn to. J2GIFTS can't tell you what that is. But whatever it is, you should totally dig into that.

Journal To Save Your Life can help connect you to a place/organization/guild where you can share the goodness in your heart - a place with people who want to change the world like you. More joy. Less pain. Service is a route to regain that wholesome feeling we all crave.


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