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Journal To Save Your Life Free Online Mental Health Care Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


There is nothing better then working in person with an open-minded, educated counselor, who can act as your rock, your teacher, and your advocate. Everyone needs that. Even therapists need that. J2SYL - although totally awesome - cannot replace this kind of connection.

We are, however, an alternative for the millions of people who currently cannot access mental health care. J2SYL is FREE. And you'll find - a community, a support group of people who understand what you're going through, who accept you for who you are - right here, right now. Our app can also compliment any kind of treatment you may currently receive from a counselor or social worker.

If you are a teen or twenty or thirty-something that suffers from:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • a constant stream of thoughts that scream, "I wish I were dead!" 
  • bullying
  • a negative body image
  • mixed up feelings about your identity
  • intense fears about people and places due to traumatizing memories
  • PTSD


J2SYL just starting to develop its App. We launched our pilot program in 2015, which means that all who signed up for its introductory year shaped our future. This is a COLLABORATIVE & OPEN SOURCE mental health care curriculum.

Click here if you're interested in donating to develop the J2App!


If are ready for the ocean of sadness or anxiety you've stuffed inside of yourself to be released cup by cup, so you can discover who you REALLY are and love all the pieces, J2SYL is for you. Do 1 week or all 52 weeks. 

We have one of the best, most secure databases to protect the sensitivity of whatever you contribute. Our J2Robot scans all the content people submit to pick up on anything dangerous so a trained counselor can give you the attention you need. It is CONFIDENTIAL -- so that only entries that need follow up are notified.  SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL -- what more can you ask?

You don't have to trust us. You don't have to take our word. Trust yourself.  Look within. Ask:

Is this for you? 

We will be here waiting - with open arms - whenever you are ready.

Sign Up Here: www.J2SYL.org

Explore our program: ART / LIFE / WISDOM!


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