How Are You Going to Heal?


Journal To Save Your Life has made it this far because you.       In 2012-3, Journal To Save Your Life launched two Indiegogo campaign to fund the construction of the J2SYL app. We raised $17,000. The campaign was a success. (Click here to see our first Indiegogo campaign.)



J2SYL currently serves women and adolescent women (collectively = ladies), ages 13 - 30+. 


We have expanded our program to treat males. Right now!  No matter your gender, J2SYL serves YOU.

Our J2SYL program has been carefully crafted with compassionate detail to be your companion through the flames, as you face your darkness. We don't back down from your darkness. 

How do you come back from that horrible thing? You've already survived. It can't kill you. 

Learn more about the program under this category.  It is J2's goal to ease your feelings of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal ideation by helping you create a balanced foundation upon which to see the world. THIS IS MENTAL HEALTH. 


Create. Express. Learn life skills. Soak up wisdom. You can do this. 


Is J2SYL For You?



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