You're Here Because of Holly.


       Journal To Save Your Life - Free Online Mental Health Care and Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression by Jasper Faolan


Holly (a.k.a. "HCW") is Journal To Save Your Life's founder. At age 17, she began an 8-year process of writing a trilogy about her teenage years: her pain, her delinquency, and her journey to face the chaos she was creating in her life. Through this intense, cathartic experience, she faced her most terrifying memories. She stood up to her monsters, and decided to act in a different way. She began to change. She began to stabilize. She began to move forward. She learned to claim her VOICE (all caps for a reason), to protect her body and her heart, and discovered a life purpose worth fighting for in the process. 

Since then, HCW has earned a zillion degrees (5 degrees, to be exact...but she still has one to go to be equal to her nerdy mother, who has six degrees - what's UP!). Holly is an entrepreneur, a medical professional, and an artist. Her heart is devoted to building healthy relationships that empower at-risk youth - even in the shadow of perceived societal risk. 

She shares her raw and true story to inspire others to be real about who they are. JOURNAL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE was born out this process. 


 Journal To Save Your Life © is a 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible.


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