To Our Supporters...


Journal To Save Your Life has made it this far because of you. 


In 2012-2013, Journal To Save Your Life launched two Indiegogo campaigns to fund the construction of the J2SYL app. We raised over $17,000 and built as well as our 1-52 week, forever-free, online, Journal To Save Your Life! Mental Health PROGRAM that is now live with HUNDREDS of members ALL OVER THE WORLD at:

What a group of like minded people can do together is phenomenal.


Journal To Save Your Life Free Online Mental Health Care Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


Since then, together, we've come far. We've launched our pilot program with HUNDREDS of Members from ALL OVER THE WORLD! We also continue to have a entourage of beautiful, emotional sponsors that have supported this project with their encouragement and enthusiasm, which makes every day of this process worth it.

Journal To Save Your Life is gaining momentum. We are crushing the glass ceiling. That feeling when the mind says "impossible," and reason screams to turn away; there is that feeling, that gust of conviction that chooses to CONTINUE. That oomph that whispers "go" is fanned by your generosity, by your continued belief in this concept, and your hope there is a possibility for a better world - a more equitable society where all people have an opportunity to cultivate inner peace, confidence, and a sense of purpose.


Thank you. Thank you. 



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