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Journal To Save Your Life Free Online Mental Health Care Art Therapy for Anxiety and DepressionJ2ART

It's like an empowering video/image/idea kind of Pinterest-y thing made by this world's most brilliant, brazen, beautiful people.

J2ART shows you a poem, a picture, inspiration in any kind of art medium. It then invites you to use your VOICE, your body, your calligraphy pen to EXPRESS what you think/feel about it ~ through movement, through writing, through painting, through song, through puppets... 

We want to show you how badass you are. Choose to keep your art to yourself (privacy, sometimes, yes, it's wise). Or you can share it with our J2Community. 

You will stretch your heart, mind, and emotions to discover what you can create in this world. Communicate without fearing. Create without inhibition.



Social Skills. Learning Styles. Relationships. Getting through the Yuck. Discovering your Truth. Darkness compels your light to become that much more intense. 

J2LIFE is a launchpad for your thoughts. Each week you'll be sent a different diamond of insight about how to face reality and take care of yourself in the process. 



How we think about the WORLD, OURSELVES, OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, THE SYSTEM, EVERYTHING determines whether we are happy or we aren't. How we think about things = how we feel about things.



Your best friend ignores you. You think:

  • "Oh god. I bet s/he hates me…"

                - or -

  • "Wow. they must be really sad right now. I wonder how I can connect with them and make them feel better."

You will have a totally different emotional reaction depending on which thoughts you think. 

J2WISDOM strips away your crappy thoughts and the limits they create in your life. J2WISDOM is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is proven to help people overcome emotional and mental pain with an 80 percent success rate.  

Changing your thinking will help you make better decisions. You'll be able to build a life that you actually like (OMG!) and handle the challenges that will always come your way. 


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