So you've got a J2lady on your hands?   We are aware that you may be worried. We are creating articles and other resources just for you, so you can be supported and supportive as your daughter releases whatever may be going inside her skin.


Cures exist. We know art heals. We know writing helps people move through life challenges with greater speed and ease. We know participating in physical activities lowers stress and anxiety.  There is information to help us make sense of our emotions and control the thoughts in our mind. There are ways to effectively deal with conflict and frustration, so we can take productive action.

Right now, a lot of people who need therapy the most cannot access or afford it. Journal To Save Your Life recognizes the injustice and inequality that is a product of our under-resourced, broken health care system. We believe mental health is fundamental to a productive, vibrant, and peaceful society. We believe it is possible to actualize your value, to take responsibility and accountability for your actions - no matter who you are or what you've been through. 

There is a 9 BILLION DOLLAR GAP in funding for mental health care alone. We've seen the impact of this in: school shootings, suicides, broken ribs, broken homes, and the economic burden created by wounded people who don't know how to function. 

Research shows that guided, artistic expression can alleviate the effects of mental health stress. The Internet has the potential to be a dynamic platform where therapy can be effectively implemented. The anonymity and invisibility of users allows them to feel more comfortable venting emotions.

Journal To Save Your Life is the Internet's first comprehensive, free mental health care program that incorporates multiple therapeutic disciplines into one creative curriculum.

Beyond all that, we are a community of artists, abuse survivors, mental health care professionals, and nonprofit social organizaters on a mission to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

We're interested in treating the individual - every individual - and we also want to transform our society so all people can be safer in it. 

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